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  • The man behind the curtain
    May 31st, 2017 7:25 pm
    Author's Reply

    Hey everyone! While it isn’t a triumphant return, we are creeping slowly back. While we want to go full throttle and get the story out, for the time being we will only be able to do one page a month on or about the first day of each month. We will explore options to speed up this rate, but this is what we can handle right now/

    A logistics note, this page is the ‘real’ page 83 and when we get page 84 posted, I will be moving the group picture that is on page 83 to the donation page for easy download (no donation required!).

    Drop a comment if you like so we can hear your thoughts.

  • Adama
    May 31st, 2017 9:13 pm

    It’s back…

  • Yorwba
    June 1st, 2017 4:32 am

    *Does a happy dance.* Two years of obsessive checking finally paid off!

  • heptameron
    June 9th, 2017 6:01 pm

    im still watchin

  • The man behind the curtain
    June 30th, 2017 8:03 pm
    Author's Reply

    This is the new page 84 as the previous page is moved to its proper spot back on page 83. Apologies if this is confusing, it is a one time thing to get the pages back to the proper sequential format.

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