Ian:  Ian is a senior in college and is a star tight end on his university football team.  He lives off campus with his girlfriend Rebecca.  Outside of his sports and school, Ian hikes, swims and secretly enjoys watching Japanese animation and writing.  He started writing fiction online as a Sophomore and met Stephanie online in an anime fanfiction website.   Stephanie led him to collaborative-fiction.com, where he has been writing a mix of fanfiction and adult stories for the last few years with Stephanie and more recently with Remy whom he met as another author on collaborative-fiction.com.  Thanks to Remy, Ian has started writing more adult fiction, including those involving various magical transformations.   While Ian hasn’t met Remy or Stephanie in person, he considers them good friends.


Remy:  Remy is a Sophomore in college and a bit of a rebel.  On his fourth major in two years, Remy has chosen his college path mostly based on what classes have the hot girls.  In his two years in college, Remy has built a reputation as being a shameless flirt.  There isn’t a cute girl on campus who hasn’t been hit on by Remy at least a dozen times, but they tolerate it because he’s cute.  He enjoys writing as a hobby when he isn’t skateboarding or chasing girls, and prefers writing adult fiction.  Remy met Ian online when he hijacked one of Ian’s stories and turned it into a literary orgy.  Ian hadn’t written many adult stories before that time, but thanks to Remy’s influence (or corruption if you asked Ian’s girlfriend), Ian quickly started adding a more adult ‘theme’ to his writing.  Remy likes writing about sex, big boobs and people getting turned into girls with big boobs who have sex.


Stephanie:  Stephanie is a graduate student, working on a bio-chemistry degree.  Her big love is anime and manga and she spends much of her time reading or watching whatever she can find online or in bookstores.  When she isn’t studying or enjoying japanese comics, Stephanie likes to write fanfiction of her favorite characters.  Sometimes these fanfiction stories get a little racy, which has caused her to get booted from some online story sites when she has written more sexually explicit material…especially when she has included herself in the stories to be romanced by her favorite anime characters.  This led her to the collaborative-fiction.com website, where more adult content was tolerated.  She brought Ian to the site to write with her, and considers him a friend, despite not meeting in person.  She finds Remy to be nice, but frustrating at times, especially when he derails one of her stories, but tolerates him because Ian thinks he’s funny.


Joe:  Joe is a genius, and is one of the primary characters in many of the stories on collaborative-fiction.com.  In most of the stories he is written into, Joe is a perverted mad scientist.  His inventions generally involve making girls sexier, though he has been known to invent other devices, including several that can transform guys into cute girls.  Joe’s lab is legendary in the stories and a place that people generally would want to avoid going unless invited…and if female, likely avoid even if invited.  The exception to this is his assistant Faye, who he generally avoids experimenting on.

Ian and Remy are two authors who frequently used Joe as a character in their stories, especially Remy, who used Joe’s lab for all sorts of perverted transformation stories.


Faye:  Faye is a character in numerous stories on collaborative-fiction.com.  Not a lot is known about Faye, apart from the fact that one of her frequent role in stories is that of Joe’s assistant in his lab.  She is amused by the various transformations Joe performs.  One of her pet peeves is the nickname that she has picked up as Joe’s ‘Bimbo Igor’.