Q:  How do I leave comments on a page?
A:  The home page doesn’t allow comments for specific pages, so to comment on a page, you need to follow the link at the bottom of the home page..

Q:  Do Ian, Remy and Stephanie all go to the same university?
A:  No, they only know each other online.

Q:  Wow, who is the cute blonde?
A:  That’s Ian’s girlfriend Rebecca.

Q:  Can I get Rebecca’s phone number?
A:  She has it in her contract that we can’t give out her personal information, but we’d like to get it ourselves.

Q:  Who is the creepy guy in the wheelchair?
A:  He writes under the pen name ‘Nemesis’.

Q:  Where is Joe’s lab? 
A:  Joe’s lab is a fictional location from stories that Ian, Remy and Stephanie have written about.

Q:  How did Ian, Remy and Stephanie get into Joe’s lab?
A:  Exactly how it happened isn’t clear at this time, but I suspect is has something to do with whatever the Nemesis was doing in the dark room with lots of monitors.