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  • Matt
    December 28th, 2021 10:09 am

    The fact that Nemesis doesn’t know how well his revenge is working is funny.

    And people jumping on the bandwagon does feel a lot like the story sites I know.

    • Guesticules
      January 2nd, 2022 6:54 am

      Yeah, everything is pointing to Nemesis being an idiot

  • Xerxes Aragon
    January 2nd, 2022 7:25 am

    How does a fictional character ruin someone’s life in the real world?

  • He who lurks (sometimes)
    January 3rd, 2022 12:23 pm

    Well, I guess the best way to answer that is in the process of going from a real person to a fictional one (which Nemesis’ machine seemed to do by sending Remy, Ian and Stephanie into Varia), Remy seems to have broken the machine (accidentally). My current theory is that Nemesis wanted to go there himself with the machine, perhaps even story himself up a new ‘The Rock’ style body to free him from his wheelchair.

    Nemesis is definitely one of those hyper-focused, genius ‘idiots’ that completely misses things that people with normal social skills and intelligence would find obvious.

    As for the seeming ninja-Skorj, it seems to be smarter than normal. I think Nemesis ‘storied’ up a hitman. Yikes!

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